Shock Women’s Team taking form

Knowing that the first season for the Shock women’s team was going to be a year of learning. New comers have helped this now seasoned squad prepare for a bright future. Jessica Greig came on and in her second game of the season posted 23 point against a strong firestorm team. New comer Kate Bodin added some toughness as she threw herself into the action against the Sonics. Katharina Bartsch adds needed size and shooting from the outside, while Kayleigh Harper adds much needed speed.
Floor general Coli Cunninham and defensive star Rachel Cejer continue to have an outstanding season, while Kate Cady continues to dominate the paint. Becky Williams has also showed her versatility while playing multiple positions filling in for the injured Charlie Sunderland & Elenor Williams. Due back are point guard Kelly Jones, Stacie Bodin and Anna Cipullo who will all add depth and firepower to a now strong Shock team.
Can Shock sneak out a championship in the cup during their first year? Find out April 17th. One things for certain this team will not finish at the bottom of the table in it’s first year and the top league teams have already started to show their respects to this up and coming squad.