Shock Wheelchair Success

Today saw Swindon Shock travel to the final round of the EWWB League ⚡️

This season has been full of highs and lows, but the team spirit has shone through throughout 🌟

After an amazing final game, with Shocks youngsters stealing the show, we came away with Second place in division 2! 🥈

Thank you to all those who have made this season possible. Special shout out to Marie from Akcess for all the driving and waiting around for the team that’s never quick to pack, Ben for working hard behind the scenes to make things possible, Dafydd and John for their incredible voluntary support week in and week out, and the parents who support the team on and off the court.👏

And final thanks for all the incredible players who make the Shock family what it is. 💜

~Coach Wes