Final Round

The year for Swindon shock was an absolute roller coaster with many ups and downs.  Shock Wheel Chair won the Development league with an undefeated record, turning the clock from a year before in which they struggled to win any games.  Shock Women climbed to the top of the table for weeks, and finally settled for a mid season tie for 4th.  The ladies team was never low on effort as they just fell short of reaching the finals of the Trophy in the last 5 minuets of a grueling match with Bristol Braves.

Shock University will receive the leagues Sportsmanship Award for fair play after its first year in the League.  A tribute to the team and their coaches who found their own groove as the season progressed.  Shock National closed the season strong after a rocky start and have entered back into Div 4 National League with hopes of truly pushing for a league title.

After a tremendous start Shock Development finished the season on a down note but will get to the Trophy finals.  It is up to the league to decide if they will receive a promotion after finishing runners up to Calne. It is certain the Development team is capable of beating most teams, whilst inconsistency has cost them games against others.

Then there is the Shock first team who grew stronger as the season went on and began to learn from their mistakes.  They will now play Shock Development for the Trophy Championship this Sunday in Bristol.  All in all what a magnificent year for Swindon Shock, and by all accounts things look to get better as quality players have already begun to join the ranks.

One thing we know for sure is Swindon Shock will be bringing at least 3 trophies home by the seasons end.

Big Thanks to Tirtha Bura, Rajeev Gurung, Nicole Cunningham, Vicky & David Smedley, Gabor Kollar, George Corless, Pratista Rai, Ben White, Kate Colclough, Chris Jones, (new mom) Stephanie Benson Ben Fox, Ben Humphrey, Alana Sargent, Lewis Bird, Jamie Hamilton and lastly John Stow.   Thanks for your help with the tables, coaching, editing and all the little things you did to make this club successful.  Honestly without your help Shock is not where it is today and on behalf of myself and the rest of the club. We thank you all.


David Colclough