Powerhouse Club

Despite various setbacks throughout the year, Swindon Shock is slowly turning into a powerhouse club. The Development Team has now won 7 of their last 8 narrowly loading out to Trowbridge by 2 pts. Swindon Shock Womens team has run off 3 wins in a row. Which included a big win over top of the table UWIC. Shock men also remain poised to go to div1 with two games left on the schedule. The wheel chair club has also started to come into it’s own going into their final tournament in April. Every player is pitching in and helping out acrossed the board and Shock are looking strong.
Congratulations to Marek Andzej and Kayleigh Harper for the winning draw to run in the 4×4 100m relay at the Olympic stadium, more to come. Keep it going Shock!