Into the New year

Is a new year and its been a while since we have updated the site.  So lets update the basketball community.

Shock National has gotten off to a slow start and looks to rebound tonight against Oxford.  Shock Div 1 continues its undefeated dominance in division 1 local league with a 102-56 win versus Aces in the tournament.

Shock Women got off to a quick start without a coach, and have played some closely contested games.  With new players shining and administrative duties being passed to Vicky and David Smedley, the team is gaining their footing to make a run into the tournament.

Shock 2 Local league continues its peeks and valleys streak.  Led by Gabor Kollar in his first year, Shock 2 looking to gain its footing and maintain its position in Div 2 to reload and make a run at a championship next season.


Shock Wheelchair will host a game today so if you are around, head on out to Youth 1st and watch the wheelchair team take on a formidable;e Aces team at 12pm.