Don’t look now

Its been a while since we talked about the Swindon Shock and it’s about time we caught up to speed. The Development team has bonded and really come into their own. After winning out into the Holidays they have impressive cup wins over Div1 Cavs 2, Division 2 Aces, and now Division 2 Wizards. Led by Romas T and Edgis G. Shock look poised to take there own championship Trophy. The Womens team led by Nicole Cunningham, Pratista Rai, and Stephanie Benson. Withstood a fullcourt press from first place Firestorm and won their first playoff match. Next up Swindon Sonics in what should be a barn burner. Shock Men are one game away from promotion to Division 1 and and a step closer to National League. They showed the can play with 3 time Champion Cavaliers 1 before falling short in the fourth. Next up they have Trowbridge although listed as Division 3 the have many Div 1 players and sport a 30pt lead would should be sn interesting match.
Wheelchair on the otherhand came out flat in Lewishim but had some great play from Jordan Hunt who had a career day in scoring.
All in all Shock are more than holding their own which means exciting times for basketball in Swindon.