Author: David

Book the dates

Sunday April 10th Cheney School Oxford

Cheney Ln, Headington, Oxford OX3 7QH.

12pm to 2pm Ages 11 to 132pm to 4pm. Ages 14 to 16

Saturday 28th May at Bradon Forest School

1000 Under 11 (Year 6 and younger)

1130 Under 14 (year 7, 8 and 9)1pm to 2pm Over 14s

Saturday 2nd July at New College under 14’s

0830 On court

0850 Swindon Juniors v Swindon Shock

0950 Swindon Shock v Abingdon

1050 Abingdon v Swindon Juniors

1200 Court must be cleared

Sunday 3rd of July at Bradon Forest

10-11:30 Under 11s

11:30-1pm over 14s

Lastly we are off April 18th-22nd

February update

We are moving quickly, please see our Facebook Swindon Shock Community Basketball page for this months calendar. All sessions are currently full and we will be looking to open up another session in the near future for those on our waiting list.

Our match at Ridgeway has been moved to 12th of February due to complictions.

Quick update

Hi all, I will try and get the calender uploaded sometime tomorrow. Just a heads up it is a game night for Swindon Silverbacks so the over 14’s session will end at 8pm. But there is a WESSEX game that can be watched for free after training. 27/1/22

Happy New year

We are back and ready to play basketball. Thank you to all the young people and parents for your patience. Our open session is back Monday the 10th of January 6pm to 7pm.
Our Thursday under 14’s will still continue 6pm-7pm. Whilst our over 14’s will play 7pm-8:30 unless Swindon Silverbacks have a game. At which point the session will end at 8pm. Young people and their parents can watch the game for free, as our ultimate goal is to get a team into the local league Division 4 with some of our young players playing more often.
We will also introduce an open session for men Thursdays at 8:30pm, if Silverbacks are not playing or traing. This will be logged onto the calander.
I will also be arranging some matches over the next few months and putting together a calendar that will be uploaded on our facebook page as well as the website. Ideally we will aslo organise kit this week as well.
Lastly can I ask that parents please give your child a lateral flow test before training to avoid the spread of covid. If you are dropping your child off, please make sure coaches have an emergency contact in case of injury.

To follow us on Facebook please go to Swindon Shock Community Basketball.

December update

I want to first thank everyone for participating in all the sessions. This weekend we will have our first matches against other young people. Please let me know by Thursday if your child plans to attend the event. Coaches will provide tops, but we ask that your child have black shorts until we have done a kit order. In addition please make sure your child is registered on the gocardless payment plan before playing this weekend.

14.30 – 15.30 Ox Hoops U14 CVL vs Swindon SHOCK U14 CVL

15.45 – 16.45 Ox Hoops U 16 CVL vs S3SHOCK U16 CVL

VENUE: Cheney School Cheney Ln, Headington, Oxford OX3 7QH

In addition we need everyones help to fill out this Survey by December 15th so that we can once again use Oakfiled Campus to run our sessions and extend your childs playing time at no additional cost. Thank you!